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About low country house plans :

Low country house plans are perfect for coastal areas such as the plains of Georgia and Carolinas. But you can choose low country house plans for your future home wherever you live, it can be a matter of taste only or a way to combine adaptability and good-looking design.



Most of these low country house plans feature decorative roof dormers. Even if they may seem to have a formal appearance on the exterior –due to the large windows, transoms, French doors and broad front steps- it’s hard to resist to their warmth and inviting style.


Low country house plans traditionally recall southern architectural style which involves features found in lands close to sea level all along the south-eastern coastline. You may find in low country house plans style expansive covered and screened porches with attic dormers which provides “rooms in the roof” like European house plans.


Furthermore, these porches are an effective way to provide shade – crucial in summer time- and create relaxing outdoor areas. Such as in most of American movies –see Grand Torino by Clint Eastwood-, you can hang out with friends or family or even by yourself enjoying a nice afternoon in a rocking chair.


When seeking your future low country house plans, remember to list all the features that you want and compare as much companies’ portfolio as you can. Whether you prefer to look for a primary residence that will make you feel like in vacation all days or a vacation home, optimize your chances to find the perfect home that will best match your needs.